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Our Story

We Love Seasons sells decorations and gifts for Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas.

We seamlessly blend Danish 'hygge' and British traditions into our seasonal decorations and gifts at We Love Seasons. With an unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, our decorations are crafted for year-after-year use.

We believe in the philosophy that less is more, emphasizing quality over quantity. For us at We Love Seasons decorating your home isn't about setting a new theme every year; rather, it's about bringing out old decorations and/or adding a few timeless pieces that become cherished family treasures, reflecting our commitment to the environment. We take pride in safeguarding your traditions, regardless of where or with whom you celebrate - one exquisitely crafted decoration at a time.

We Love Seasons started as a hobby business and transformed into a full-time venture after over 20 years in finance and working for a cancer drug development company. The inspiration for We Love Seasons comes from my family's traditions during seasonal times. I grew up in Denmark with a very creative mother and a dad who, in his spare time, is a talented handyman. Together, they constantly renovated the garden and house, upcycled old furniture that blended in with timeless Danish design icons.

My mother could often be found working in the vegetable garden, knitting, painting, or at her sewing machine. She learned to make her own clothes at the age of 14 from her grandmother and spent three decades crafting clothes for me based on my own designs.

Toward the middle of November, she would begin preparing our home for Christmas - starting with bringing out boxes of decorations that had been used year after year, such as the red felt hearts adorning the entrance, hand-painted figurines, and decorations made of stones with knitted scarves and hats. She would then add a few new decorations, make garlands of fresh pine to hang from the dining room doors, create the traditional large fresh pine advent wreath, and make the advent calendar candle decoration. Finally, the main feature was, of course, the Christmas tree, decorated by my dad with traditional red baubles, lights, drums, Danish flags, and glistening with fine gold lametta.

At Easter, the table would be beautifully set with yellow crocheted napkins and wooden Easter chicks, along with homemade traditional dishes. My mother would fill a vase with branches from the garden, nestled with hand-painted eggs.

With our hand-picked seasonal collections, I have tried to capture the essence of what my family created during these special times of the year. I hope you will find the We Love Seasons collections as magical as we do.



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